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What is Director/Partner?

A Director/Partner is an expert that is responsible for supervising regular business activities and providing ultimate critical direction. As an individual fulfilling this role, you are expected to discuss and work together with other administrators and employees.

What are the Document required for Appointed a director?

How many types of Director are there in a company?

The following are the types of Director in Company:

Managing Director : IT means Director who, by Articles of Association of a Company, is designated to this post. A Managing Director can also be appointed by an agreement or a resolution passed in its general meeting. The Board of Directors of a company can also choose an MD entrusted with substantial powers of management of affairs company.

Ordinary Director : It means a Director who attends a company board meetings and participates in the matters put before the Board of Directors. These Directors are neither whole-time Directors nor Managing Directors.

Additional Director : If someone appointed by the Board of Directors between two annual general meetings subject to the Articles of Association of a Company. Additional Directors shall hold office only up to the date of the next annual general meeting of the Company. The number of Directors and additional Directors of a company together shall not exceed the maximum strength fixed for the Board of Directors by the Articles of Association.

Nominee Director : The Banks and Private Equity investors who grant debt or equity assistance to a company generally impose a condition as in the appointment of their representative on the Board of the concerned Company. These nominated persons are called nominee Directors. In an OPC, a nominee Director is nominated by the sole Director to take over the affairs in case of death or incapacitation of the sole Director.

Professional Director : As often defined by academics and practitioners, are independent directors whose only vocation consists of serving as corporate directors on one or more boards. Such directors hold no other full-time employment

Alternate Director : An individual who is appointed to attend a board meeting on behalf of the director of a company where the principal director would be otherwise unable to attend.

Executive Director : It means, an executive director is the senior operating officer or manager of an organization or corporation, usually at a nonprofit. Their duties are similar to those of a chief executive officer (CEO) of a for-profit company.

What is a Director Identification Number?

It is an unique Identification Number allotted to an individual who is appointed as a director of a company, And if he leaves a company and joins some other, the same DIN would work in the other company as well.

What is the fees of changes in Director/Partner?

The Fees of changing in Director/partner in Company is Rs. 9,999.

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