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Partnership Firm Registration Process

What is partnership firm ?

Partnership is defined as, 'the relation between persons who have, agreed to share the profits of a

#business carried on by all or any of them acting for all'

What is the required documents of partnership firm ?

required documents for partnership firm

Form No.1 duly filled and affixed Rs.3 court fee stamp.

A photocopy of Partnership deed on minimum stamp paper or Rs.200

Ownership Proof of Principal Place (any one of the following)

Registered document of the property

House tax receipt.

Water bill.

Electricity bill in the name of the property owner.

Affidavit/NOC on Rs.10 and Rs.5 Notary stamp.

Rent agreement (If rented property)

Residential proof of all the partners (any one of the following)

Driving Licence.

Affidavit/NOC on Rs.10 and Rs.5 Notary stamp and ownership proof of other places (if mentioned in Form no.1).

Note: For all the above documents requires an attestation from the Advocate Notary or C.A. with the Registration number.

What is the fees for registration of partnership firm

Partnership firm registration fee 5999

Process of partnership firm registration

Step 1: Approach the Concerned Registrar. …

Step 2: Complete the Details.

Step 3: Submit the Application Form

Step 4: Collect Application ID

Step 5: Issuance of Certified Copies.

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