Income Tax Case-Cit Appeal

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Income Tax Case-Cit Appeal Process

What is an Income tax appeal?

tax payer aggrieved by various actions of Assessing Officer can appeal before

Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals). Further appeal can be preferred before the

Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. On substantial question of law, further appeal can be filed

before the High Court and even to the Supreme Court.

How file the appeal CIT A on Income tax?

you are aggrieved by an order of an Assessing Officer (AO), you can file an appeal

against the same before the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) by submitting duly

filled Form 35 online on the e-Filing portal.

What is the meaning of CIT in Income tax?

CIT is governed by Companies Income Tax Act (CITA), Cap C21, LFN 2004 (as amended) CIT is a tax

imposed on profit of a company from all sources. The rate of tax is 30% of total profit of a company.

What is recovery of income tax?

Section-122 provides that in case assessee fails to pay any sum imposed by way of

interest, fine, penalty, or any other sum payable under the provisions of this Act, the same

shall be recoverable in the manner specified in the Act for the recovery of arrears of tax.

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