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GST Return Process

What is the GST return?

All the person who are registered under GST have to file the details of their sales and purchases of goods and services on GST portal on periodic basis this is called GST Return. The provided details are used by the tax authorities to evaluate economic performence.

What are the benefits of GST?

Who need to file GST return?

all the taxpayers registered under GST have mandatory to file GST return no matter what the turnover is.If there is no transaction in the business,person need to file nil return.

What is the due date of GSTR1 and GST3B for monthly filers?

The due date of july period of GSTR1(Monthly) is 11th august and the GST3B(Monthly) due date is 20th august.

What are the charges of filing GST Return?

Goverment fees is nil for GST Return.

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